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Mindfulness Meditation: Tuesdays from 7:30-8:00 &12:15-12:45

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I work with people who are stressed out and overwhelmed. I help them slow down and reorganize their life so they can thrive.

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Health and Life Coaching

Coaching provides a unique experience that will create positive change in your personal and professional lives.

Some areas that improve life satisfaction are:

  • Decluttering physical and mental space
  • Managing time and to-do lists
  • Building confidence and setting boundaries
  • Embracing change and the power of choice
  • Nourishing, respecting, and loving your body
  • Having support that is in alignment with healthcare provider's recommendations
  • Living a life that is authentic and right for you

You are invited to experience how beautiful and calm your life could be with a customized coaching session.

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Mental Health and Wellness for People That Want to Make Shift Happen!

The Clarity Catalyst Course was developed to cultivate creativity, authenticity and self-expression.

The course is designed to give you practical mindset tools to get you out of your own way, give you peace of mind, help you overcome limiting beliefs, as well as assist you in managing fear, overwhelm, stress and anxiety so that you can enjoy a life filled with more freedom and joy.

In this 8-week program you will:

  • Rewrite and reprogram your limited mind set with new beliefs and habits that will set you free
  • Awaken to your true calling by gaining clarity on who you are and what you really want for yourself
  • Work with the fear that has been paralyzing you so that you can finally go for it and live out the life that is waiting for you
  • Step into your power, authenticity, and confidence so that you can create abundance by sharing your unique contribution with the world
  • Discover how to set boundaries and make decisions with confidence
  • Ignite more passion and love into your life so that you can feel excited and sexy because you are loved, cherished and honored

This class provides a unique opportunity to refine and define who you are and shift your perspective on how you see yourself and the world. You can expect your clarity, self-confidence, awareness, sense of direction and passion to increase exponentially.

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I am a mindset manager and soft-skills specialist that focuses on teaching your team members easy-to-use tools that improve their mental health, mindset, and ultimately the quality of life, both at work and home.

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Mental Health and Wellness for Employees and Managers

The Culture Catalyst course focuses on mindfulness and emotional intelligence. It is based on methodologies first taught in Stanford University's famed Creativity in Business course. These practical mindset tools and powerful relaxation techniques are designed to reduce stress, improve peak performance, enhance creativity and promote wellbeing.

From an organizational perspective, mindfulness programs have shown to help improve attendance, staff retention, job performance, creativity and productivity — and so too the bottom line.

In this program your team members will receive:

  • Improved capacity to effectively manage stress
  • Practical tools to overcome fear, overwhelm, burnout and anxiety
  • Increased emotional resilience
  • Enhanced clarity of thinking, objectivity and perspective to enable greater innovation and creativity
  • Improved executive functioning of the brain to help overcome fatigue and improve focus
  • Enriched empathy and the ability to more effectively communicate with others
  • Skills to overcome procrastination and self-sabotage
  • A more coherent sense of meaning and purpose at work and a greater connection to coworkers and stakeholders
  • An increased life-work balance

The challenges we face at work and in life are unprecedented and multiplying. This is why the world’s most successful schools, business leaders, banks, elite athletes and performing artists are taking up the practice of mindfulness.

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Group and One-on-one Coaching

I work with people who are stressed, overwhelmed and burned out. I help them slow down and reorganize their work life so they can thrive.

Some areas that will improve the quality of your professional life are:

  • Decluttering physical and mental space
  • Managing time and to-do lists
  • Building confidence and having difficult conversations
  • Taking breaks and getting active
  • Finding value and purpose at work

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Workshops and Speaking

I deliver half and full-day workshops, presentations, group programs and speeches both in-person and virtually.

Some topics include:

  • Overcoming overwhelm, stress and anxiety
  • Effective communication
  • Decoding your relationship to time
  • Decluttering and optimizing
  • Working remotely
  • Work-home-life balance
  • Overcoming procrastination

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Mental Health and Wellness for School Students: ages 10-18

Insight For Life is and awe-inspiring course that focuses on mindfulness and emotional intelligence. The 9-week program will teach students practical and easy-to-use life skills to help foster and develop the powerful potential within them.

Specific benefits and outcomes include:

  • Calm their anxiety and relieve stress by living in the moment and gaining control of emotions
  • Improve attention span and have better focus at school
  • Learn to effortlessly reduce stressors by breaking them down and making them manageable
  • Improve communication skills that promote self-confidence when standing up to peer pressure and/or bullying, and provide new skills to better communicate with family and friends
  • Cultivate confidence by boosting their self worth and self esteem so that they can deal more easily with challenges in their life
  • Come away with a deeper knowledge of who they are, practical approaches for creating what they want, and the skills to manage fear, anxiety and to stop obsessive thinking
  • Become actively aware of their mind so that they can face frustrating situations objectively and create powerful solutions in the present moment when school or life gets challenging
  • Discover the art of self love and how to cultivate powerful relationships with themselves that in turn help them thrive in relationships with others
  • Learn how to manage hurt relationships so that they can move forward and prosper in life
  • Learn the value of money, and their beliefs surrounding it, to help them manage their finances as adults

Watch THIS TEDx talk on the importance of emotional intelligence.

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Hello, I’m Mladenka

I am a Registered Health Coach (HCA-RHC™) and Life Coach. My passion is working with individuals who are stressed, burned out, and overwhelmed. I help them shift into living a life that is more clam, balanced, joyful, and abundant.

For a little background, here is a snapshot of my life: Born in Yugoslavia and raised on a beautiful farm; refugee to Germany at the age of 7; immigrated to Canada at the age of 10; spent most of my summers building houses; competed nationally in both volleyball and weightlifting; became certified in banking and business and got a civil engineering degree; travelled to beautiful places around the world; worked on construction sites as a labourer, equipment operator, project manager, and engineer; had a child; designed a few houses and built a couple; became a single mom; personally turned my basement into an apartment after work and became a land lady; sold 90% of all my material belongings and moved for the 27th time. I made big changes in my life after reflecting upon what mattered most to me. I now spend much of my free time doing the things that I love and want to do.

By life presenting me with such diverse experiences, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to feel joyful and fulfilled on a daily basis. After decades of working in the public and private sectors, I realized that people are struggling on a personal level and need help. Sure, material things such as roads and buildings help us, but that is not the kind of help I see the need for. Behind closed doors, people are suffering because they are struggling with depression, addiction, stress, anxiety, burnout, self image, bullying, neglect, money, and many other challenges. When an individual is ready and willing to address their fears, humilities, and self-sabotaging beliefs they can free themselves and feel fulfilled.

The help I offer is one that comes from a combination of life experience and training. I know making changes and life decisions can be frightening and very difficult. My one-on-one coaching is catered to every person’s needs, prioritizing their feelings, and giving them a safe space to express themselves, be heard and let go of their roadblocks. Together we discover different approaches to life’s challenges, and you will learn tangible tools that you can implement to improve the quality of your life. If you have a burning desire for change in life, I invite you to experience coaching and see where it leads to.

I wish you a lovely day and look forward to meeting you.

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What my clients are saying...


"I started one of Mladenka's 12 Week Programs hoping to change 2 or 3 habits that were holding me back but I ended up realizing that I've grown much more than I expected. Mladenka is a genuine, warm, caring person that helped me identify limiting beliefs and how to set up for success. She walks alongside you, helps you through your situations and challenges you to carve that path in the jungle. I highly recommend Mladenka and her programs to anyone looking for a fresh start or wanting to go to the next level."


"I can breathe again freely, I’m smiling more, laughing more and every day I continue to move forward into a life I can finally visualize, that is all my own. Mladenka was exceptional in her approach in coaching me through the 12 Week Program and keeping me motivated and on track. She created a safe space to which I felt comfortable sharing my fears and guilt over vices (negative habits) that I adopted over the pandemic. Mladenka gently directed me to choose different habits that helped me make changes that resulted in positive change in my life. A 16-hr workday became 8-hrs. My personal life returned after 6-yrs absence. I have returned to my art practice, I sleep more, I spend more time with my animals, and I now make my health and happiness my first priority every day. My stress is reduced, my anxiety has disappeared, and I have started to breathe naturally again after years of holding my breath always tensed for the next anvil to drop. Thank you, Mladenka, for this beautiful gift you have given me."


"Before I started Mladenka's Clarity Catalyst course, I felt stuck and was spinning my wheels trying to find what I wanted out of my career and life. Underneath that, I believed I was not good enough. Going through this course with Mladenka was life changing! She gave a lot of useful tools (my favourite was the journaling prompts) I could try out in my own life each week which was really fun! She was a great listener and asked the right questions to help me dig deeper into what I wanted out of my life. She acknowledged and celebrated the progress I was making (especially the stuff I didn't notice) and knew how to help when I was struggling. After finishing the course, I know myself much better now and I'm working towards a career and life that excites me! Instead of feeling not good enough I feel really confident and have great positive self talk. To my surprise, within the last few weeks I've had 3 people tell me I walk around with new confidence and a bigger energy. I highly recommend working with Mladenka!"


"Mladenka is a delightful and knowledgeable coach. She is full of empathy and I felt relaxed and at ease right from the start. I thoroughly enjoyed our powerful coaching session and she helped me transform limiting beliefs which boosted significantly my self confidence."

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